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Facials & Skin Care

European Facial – This customized facial begins with a double cleansing with steam followed by an exfoliation to polish and refine the skin; extractions are preformed; now the “wow” factor a calming and rejuvenating massage, then a mask is applied, chosen specifically for your skin needs.  Your skin will be topped off with a moisturizer to keep that new youthful glow.


Gentleman’s Facial – Especially for men, this healing and therapeutic facial refines pores and improves skin tone.  For the man that wants to always look his best.


Dermalogica Bio Active Peel – Takes skin health to a new depth!  Chemical peels are one of the most popular skin care services.  They can require too much down time, however not the case with this peel.  Your skin will look softer and smoother and much more vibrant.


Facial Add Ons:

Multi Vitamin Power Exfoliant,  Eye Mask Application,  Paraffin Hand Dip,  Self-Heating Mud

Bio-Roller Facial – A treatment that allows the skin to better absorb products and  stimulates the production of collagen by a light needling of the skin.


The V.I. Peel - #1 peel given by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  This is suitable for all skin types.  There is minimal down time.  The collagen is stimulated for a more refreshed “look”; you just got back from vacation!


Oatmeal Facial – This facial was developed for sensitive and sunburned skin.  Your skin will be hydrated and plumped, reducing the appearance of superficial lines.


Pumpkin Facial - Pumpkin enzymes exfoliate and leave skin looking refreshed and vibrant.


Paraffin Facial – A warm paraffin is applied to  the face with essential oils that diminish the effect of dry skin.

We Offer 60 Minute and 90 Minute Facials

Amy L. Law

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